How To Wear the Easipieces By Jon Renau

The Easipieces Collection by Jon Renau is a range of customised invisible clip in volumizers. They are designed with an undetectable low profile to compliment your style with a topper or on their own.  They are available in widths: 4″, 6″ and 9″.  And Lengths 8″, 12″ and 16″.  They are a very versatile collection […]

Easipieces Collection by Jon Renau

  Jon Renau is launching a new collection of Easipieces. This is a new concept for Jon Renau. They have been designed for those who wear toppers but feel like there is some volume missing on the ends. Toppers give great volume to the crown and midlengths. Depending on your hair it can look a […]

Jon Renau Human Hair Colour Chart

Jon Renau make a beautiful array of human hair wigs and pieces.  Human Hair is the most versatile fibre and will last for a long time. You can style any Jon Renau Human hair pieces with heat just like your own hair. The RN colours are specially designed so you can colour them easily.  Always […]

Jon Renau Heat Defiant Colour Charts

Jon Renau make a range of Heat Defiant Synthetic wigs and hairpieces.  These colours in a simple synthetic will look different as the fibre reflects light differently. Heat Defiant Synthetics are a synthetic fibre that can tolerate heat at low levels.  You can use a hair straightener, curler or hair dryer up to temperatures of […]

Understanding Wig Colours.

Wig Colours and hairdresser colours are two very different things.  Wig Colours are made up of numbers and letters.  Between manufacturers the same colour can look different so be aware when searching for your wig style. Also,  different fibres can reflect colors differently too.  Often human hair will look  lighter than synthetic hair even though […]