First Time Wig Wearer

Welcome to our first post on our blog. We will endeavour to add a lot more information and help to the blog. If you are needing anymore information please feel free to contact us at or give us a call on 1300 971 868.

What a first time wearer needs to know?
Wearing a wig for a first time can be very confronting and overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make like colour, style, human hair or synthetic hair, mono tops, lace fronts and the list goes on.



1. For the first time wig wearer, you can either choose a style that is similar to your own so it makes you fell more comfortable like your old self. Otherwise you can have fun with it and choose something that completely different. Do what makes you feel comfortable and happy.

2. Decide what fibre you are interested in, human hair, heat friendly synthetic or synthetic hair. Human Hair is more costly but will last longer and you will need to style your wig after each wash. However, synthetic hair is cheaper but won’t last as long. Also, just be aware synthetic hair will hold its style after washing. Synthetics can be a lot less work to maintain. Have a read through our blog in weeks to come to see what suits you best.

3. Get to know what each cap construction is -capless, mono top wigs, mono part wigs, lace front wigs and handtied wigs. Handtied wigs will be the most realistic looking wigs but they are the most expensive.

4. If you have only partial hair loss you might like to have a look at a topper to start with. A topper is a hairpiece that is clipped onto your hair and needs to integrate with your own hair. Toppers are not suitable for those with total hair loss.

5. There are different cap sizes – Petite Average and Large. The majority of wearers will be an average. There is a chart of measurements so you can decide on your right size. Wearing the right size is important to give the wearer the best fit for comfort and look. Wigs will not wear well if they are too big or small.
6. Ready made wigs are adjustable. Most wigs have little straps or tabs at the nape of the wig to be able to make the wig smaller or bigger.
7. When you first receive your wig, wear it around the house for a few hours so you can get used to wearing the wig before you face the world. Wear your wig with confidence and enjoy it!
These are a few tips to get you started but there is a lot more information that we will try to help you with over the coming weeks and months.  If there are topics that you are interested in you can contact us and we will try our best to cover topics that everyone is interested in.


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