How to Measure your Head for a Wig.

We are all not the same and sometimes One size fits all doesn’t.

Its important to measure your head size for many reasons:

1. Your wig will fit and feel more comfortable if its the right size. When the wig is not the right size it will slip backwards showing your own hairline or pull up at the nape. This can be extremely uncomfortable.

2. A good fitting wig will last longer. If the wig doesn’t fit right it will wear in spots that its not meant to. If its too big, the nape area will gape and rubbing on the wig itself will cause friction. This friction can wear the hair much quicker.

3. An ill fitted wig may cause you to feel more heat from the discomfort.

4. There are a few Small or Petite wigs as well as Large options.  It makes sense to make sure you have the best fitting wig you can.

Below you can see how easy it is to measure your head and the table that will help you decide with the measurements you have taken.


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