How To Wear the Easipieces By Jon Renau

The Easipieces Collection by Jon Renau is a range of customised invisible clip in volumizers. They are designed with an undetectable low profile to compliment your style with a topper or on their own.  They are available in widths: 4″, 6″ and 9″.  And Lengths 8″, 12″ and 16″.  They are a very versatile collection where you can use a single piece or multiple pieces at once.  It gives the wearer more flexibility on the density of hair  that they are wanting.

With 3 easy steps you can achieve the style you would like.

  1. Colour Match to your hair.  Be aware that these pieces are going to be placed under your hair and need to compliment your colour.  They don’t necessarily need to match exactly. Our nape of our hair is generally darker than the rest so you might want darker pieces at the back and lighter pieces around the front hairline.
  2. Choose the length.  Measure from where you are going to place the hair to your hair length.  These pieces add volume not length to your hair.
  3. Choose the Width according to you are going to place the hair.
  4. Apply the pieces to get he look you are wanting to achieve.

If you need any further information you can email us at  or phone 1300 971 868.

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