Looking after your Wig Made Easy.

If you look after your synthetic wigs they can last for a fair time.  This video that Jon Renau has made explains quite simply and easy how to cleanse and condition your wig.

There are a few points to take note:

Wash and condition your wig every 6 – 8 wears.

Always work the shampoo and conditioner into the wig in the same direction as the hair to not cause tangling.

Dry your synthetic wigs naturally over a wig stand.

Never soak your wigs in water as the fibre may swell and cause tangling.

Never use a fine tooth comb.  Always use a wide tooth comb.

Always use good wig shampoos and conditioners.  Sulphate and Paraben free shampoos can be used.Using the manufacturer’s own care brand is always best as they are formulated specifically for that wig.

Always comb from the bottom and work your way up to make sure you don’t put unnecessary pressure on the hair.

These simple things can keep your wig looking great for longer.

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