Terms you need to know when buying your first wig.

When you first enter the world of wigs you will come across a lot of terms you haven’t heard before.  Monofiliament Wigs., Hand Tied Wigs, Mono wigs, Lace front wigs, wefted backs, etc; It can be so daunting.  Hopefully this list will help:

Monofiliament Wigs

Monofiliament is a very fine mesh that is used in the crown of the wig.  It is used to give a wig more styling options.  With a mono top, the wig’s part can be changed from one side to the other or in the middle and it will look most realistic.  The monofilament is so shear and translucent that the hair looks like its coming directly out of the wearer’s scalp. It gives the wearer confidence that no one will be able to tell they are wearing a wig.  Sometimes these are called Mono wigs.

Monopart Wigs

These are just like mono top wigs but the mono top is only in the part area so the part cant be changed.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs have a very fine lace at the front of the wig where the hair line is.  It gives the wearer the most realistic looking hair line.

Handtied Wigs

Handtied wigs are wigs that are 100% handtied.  Every hair in the wig has been individually hand tied into the cap.  This style cap gives you the maximum comfort as the wig is elasticised to fit snuggly on your head.


What is a weft?  Its difficult to explain but I think a weft looks like a hula skirt of hair.  These wefts are made up for hair extensions or to be sewn together to make a cap.


Permatease is a fine layer of small, densely compacted hair that is used to create body and hide the wefting of open capped and hi fashion wigs. Some people love these styles as they give the wig more volume and fullness.  It does make the wig look rough in the part area.

Wefted Caps

Sometimes you will find wigs classified as wefted or capless wigs.  They are wigs that are made up of lots of wefts.  It is the most basic wig that is on the market.  For shorter styles the Capless design can be very suitable.  Often capless designs will have permatease  to give the wig more fullness.


A topper is a hair piece that is not a full wig.  They are designed to integrate with your own hair.  They usually are attached with clips.


This video from Jon Renau will show all the different wig cap designs that are available.

For more videos have a look through our playlists on our You Tube Channel.

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