Understanding Wig Colours.

Wig Colours and hairdresser colours are two very different things.  Wig Colours are made up of numbers and letters.  Between manufacturers the same colour can look different so be aware when searching for your wig style. Also,  different fibres can reflect colors differently too.  Often human hair will look  lighter than synthetic hair even though the colour will be labelled the same.

Firstly, lets look at the letters.  The letters will represent how the hair colour or colours are represented.  Some are highlighted colours or maybe blended or mixed.  Here are the most common letters you will see.


B – Blended

BT – Blended and Tipped

BR – Blended and Rooted

CH – Chunky Highlight

FS – Frosted Shade Highlights

FS* – Jon Renau Fashion Syrup (chunky highlight)

F* – Jon Renau Fashion (darker at nape)

GR – Gradient (Dark roots, light tips)

H – Highlighted

HH – Human Hair

HL – Highlighted

M – the same as “B” – blended

MB – Mixed and Blended

MBF – Mixed, Blended and with darker Nape

R– Rooted

RH – Rooted with Highlights

RH* – Jon Renau HH special colours: 33% highlights

RN* – Jon Renau Natural: HH slow process to maintain quality and integrity of HH

S – Shaded

T – Tipped (colour mix on top, with tip different)

Swirl – blend of Streaks

Glow – Natural Image highlighted fashion chunk highlights

Misted – Natural Image blended highlights throughout for a more natural appearance

Colours between manufacturers will be slightly different and they may even label them differently too.

A great tip when searching for a wig and colour is to have a look on youtube.  Often you will find someone wearing that wig to give you a better idea.

The higher the number is usually a darker colour when it comes to wig colours.  Colour 1 is black and colour 60 is white. All the other colours are in between. Below is a list of basic colours  and what each colour means:



1 – Jet Black
1B – Off Black

2 – Darkest Brown
4 – Dark Brown
6 – Chestnut Brown
8 – Light Chestnut Brown
10 – Medium Chestnut Brown
12 – Light Golden Reddish Brown
14 – Light Golden Brown
18 – Light Ash Brown

15 – Gold Reddish Blond
19 – Light Strawberry Blond
27 – Strawberry Blond
30 – Med Auburn
33 – Dark Auburn
130 – Fire Red

16 – Honey Blond
22 – Champagne Blond
24 – Light Gold Blond
24B – Light Strawberry Blonde
613 – Pale Blonde
613A – White Blond

34 – Chestnut Brown and 25% Gray
44 – Dark Brown and 50% Gray
51 – Gray and 25% Darkest Brown
56 – Gray and 10% Chestnut Brown


At Wigs Australia we try to rephotograph as many colours to give our clients  as much information as we can.  You can always give us a call if you need any further assistance.  We are always happy to help. 1300 971 868



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