What to do when you receive your first wig.

Simple things to Personalise your wig

When you first open your new wig, Shake it out! This loosens the fibres giving it more natural movement

  1. Use the heat from your hands to devolumize and sculpt your style.  Rub your hands together and hold where you want so full
  2. Use your heat from your hands to also lay the hairs around the hairline flat- hold around the perimeter of the wig
  3. With the permatease in the part area Dig and lift gently to mess up the part so it looks more realistic
  4. Consider Dark Rooted wigs as they look more natural
  5. Use accessories just like your own hair.  _ wearing pins, clips or headbands
  6. Know when to say goodbye to your wig – wigs will look dry and frizzled.  The movement of the hair is decreasing and the fibre is stiff and has no movement.  You can steam , to try to extend but sometimes its time to say goodbye.
  7. Be confident because when you are confident you will look great in your wig.


Do you have any other tips you would like to share?  Have a look at the video below.  This a great video with some more  tips.

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